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A couple of weeks ago, Mama Cardinal built her nest in the yaupon beyond the kitchen window. While she was away, I sneaked a picture. Can you see the 2 light blue specked eggs? Yesterday, they hatched! I’ll get a … Continue reading

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Nice bird sighting

I just spotted, and identified a pair of Black-throated Green Warblers.  I’d seen them in June, but couldn’t get a good enough look to positively identify them.  This is their migratory route, so they are more than likely heading south … Continue reading

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Sneak-peek day 4

Here’s a fine fellow for your Thursday. A long-necked crane.

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Day 3 of the special sneak peek week.

Here’s my Chinese Nightingale And though it’s unrelated to this project, here’s Hans Christian Anderson’s tale of  The Chinese Nightingale.

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Orange Blossom & Bee

Another piece in this special project. Here is the Orange Blossom with Bee etching The finished piece I’ve been really enjoying working on this project

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A peek at some new work.

I’m working on a special edition of etchings, not quite ready to tell you ALL about them but I thought I’d give you a peek at the work in progress. These will be for sale in very limited quantities, probably … Continue reading

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In the Studio – Poison Dart Frogs

I’ve been raising Poison Dart Frogs for about three years.  I love them.  They are fun to watch in their vivariums, they occasionally sing to each other, and they eat fruit flies with abandon. The bright colors tell their possible … Continue reading

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Feeding Birds during the Winter

I’ve been using the homemade “old standby” lard-peanut butter-cornmeal-oatmeal mix for my suet feeders.  Naturalist, and NPR reporter,  Julie Zickefoose has changed my mind.  She wrote a thoughtful and informative post on the dangers of the “old standby” food.  You … Continue reading

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Almost ready

I’ve spent the past few weeks painting, framing and now packing art for my east coast art shows, Waterfowl Festival in Easton, MD, and Plantation Wildlife Art Festival in Thomasville, GA. I always look forward to these shows.  I love … Continue reading

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Evening Sky

Beautiful evening sky with some thunderheads building in the distance. Nice way to enjoy a glass of wine. ;-).

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