Artist vs. Deer

As tropical storm Don heads south and west, the drought in this part of Texas continues.  The wild creatures are hungry, and eating things they don’t normally eat.

I’m using Bobbex, it’s stinky, but it works.

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2 Responses to Artist vs. Deer

  1. Kathy Carey says:

    What an unusual development with the crazy weather we are having! What is Bobbex?

  2. Melanie Fain says:

    Hi Kathy,
    You know it’s bad when the deer are eating things they normally ignore. White tail deer and axis deer are overpopulated in this part of Texas and they can be really destructive to landscape and gardens. There are a couple of organic deer repellants on the market, Bobbex seems to work the best. Here’s a link in case you’re interested:
    It’s only a computer link so you won’t get to enjoy how much it stinks!
    Thanks for reading. I’ve been neglecting the blog and it’s good to be back in a place where I can post, even goofy videos about stinky deer repellant.

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