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In the Studio – Poison Dart Frogs

I’ve been raising Poison Dart Frogs for about three years.  I love them.  They are fun to watch in their vivariums, they occasionally sing to each other, and they eat fruit flies with abandon. The bright colors tell their possible … Continue reading

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Feeding Birds during the Winter

I’ve been using the homemade “old standby” lard-peanut butter-cornmeal-oatmeal mix for my suet feeders.  Naturalist, and NPR reporter,  Julie Zickefoose has changed my mind.  She wrote a thoughtful and informative post on the dangers of the “old standby” food.  You … Continue reading

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Driving down a country road

I got my eyes checked this morning, good news is that my eyes are about the same and so I don’t have to buy new lenses.  I see the greatest guy for my eye exams, Dr. Robert Ross in Austin. … Continue reading

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The mouse trap saga continues

When it gets cold outside, the mice head inside. That’s only a problem if you don’t want mice eating your food, pooping everywhere, and generally bringing disease into your house. I have no love for mice. I use a mouse … Continue reading

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Friends make life better.

So glad to have wildlife artist, Lyn St Clair, visit the studio this week.

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