Autumn Surprises

We’ve had over 8″ of rain in the last 10 days. This will bode well for wildflowers in the Spring. In the meantime, I’m observing local surprises. A small whitetail buck came grazing in front of my studio window unconcerned with my framing movements within. In the field pictured, the indiscernible dot along the fence line is a turkey foraging. The orb weavers are back making their beautiful webs. Life is good.

Autumn Surprises

Autumn Surprises

Autumn Surprises

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3 Responses to Autumn Surprises

  1. jeanenne says:

    Thanks for sharing what you see. It helps me.

  2. Melanie Fain says:

    That’s partly what my blog is all about, to teach others about nature through what I observe everyday.

  3. Kathy Carey says:

    Is that Charlotte? What an amazing photograph. What kind of spider is this?

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